Obstacles to a Happy Marriage



Dear Folks,

I will spend the next several weeks sharing some of the common obstacles that might prevent you from achieving a healthy and fulfilling marriage.

Marriage is all about relationship and commitment. However, if there  are some unconscious unhealthy relationship patterns- these can destroy an otherwise healthy marriage. Some of the discussion topics will include victimhood, persistent rescuing or attempting to fix others, and controlling behaviors. So step aboard and join me each week as I discuss proven ways to remedy and resolve conflict, misunderstanding, and unconscious pitfalls to a successful marital relationship.

Here are some important questions we must ask ourselves. What are your dreams and how might you sabotage them? What is your vision for your future? What’s your purpose for being on this earth and why are you contemplating marriage? How will your accomplish your mission individually and as a married couple? We will feature personal and impersonal dreams on our next blog… Also, what topics  interest you? Blessings and Joy, Dr. David

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